A Reunion of Spirits
Class of ‘69
I see familiar faces that remind me of the past,
such delight and surprise, please let this moment last.
Anticipation and excitement permeates the air,
old friends exchanging memories, joy is everywhere.
 A quiet reflection of days a long time ago,
when life seemed more calm and moved very slow.
Suddenly, I transcend to a different time and place,
my youth revisited by each smiling face.
As I watch very carefully and the moonlight reveals,
there is a celebration of life, I enjoy how it feels.
To share memories that bind us is the reason I am here,
as the reunion of our spirit continues year after year.
 The colors of black and gold were displayed to clearly see,
how courage, wisdom and character have been imparted to me.
We shared a lifetime of memories in just a few years,
we saw our lives transform through the laughter and tears.
A sense of closeness and warmth that I cherish about this day,
as I watch my dear friends slowly go on their way.
It is comforting to know our friends are always near,
and we share this delicate bond with each passing year.
Thank you class of ‘69
Bob Atchison